Stick & Lashed Backpack Frames – part 1

Stick & Lashed Backpack Frames – part 1

OK, around the 7th of November 2022 a friend of mine named Alex was helping me sort out and cut green branches for seasoning over the winter and we came across an oddly bent stick. So we finished the bend and lashed it to a straight stick after waxing all the end cuts. Once it fully dries we can shave the bark if desired, get rid of any annoying twig ends, change from the shoelaces to more permanent twine lashings, and "poof" a backpack frame. I will likely make some this winter out of seasoned maple, but this one is fine for the start of the series. Maybe a bit more dwarvish or even gnomish in scale, but there you have it.

Weight: just under 1 pound weight (currently more than 3/4th but less than 7/8th)
Measurements would be as tentative as weight, but that is a 13 1/2 inch wooden spoon held in front of it for scale so it may be 17"-18" tall and 14"-16" wide.

I know, a flood of posts all in one day!


Part 1 of "Spoon!"


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