BETA Release of Player Booklet for Heroes & Henchmen

BETA Release of Player Booklet for Heroes & Henchmen

Amalgamated Research Gaming Hub finely announces the (BETA) release of our Heroes & Henchmen (Really) Basic Intro Player Booklet.

Although this is a beta release we plan to update the booklet as people whack us over the head in regards to errors, omissions, and whatever they feel we did not cover very well. Big hint: if it is still in red we are planning to hopefully get back into and finish it, if it is in Purple then Dwarf (D.M.Zwerg) wrote it hopes people can point out what to add (as he works best with feedback). Green is Mercutio, and Blue was our friend Mykal who is off jousting half-ogres ..

.. sorry, that last bit still hits me at times.

Currently only a PDF version is available, but Mercutio is trying to get an EPUB version up which we will link to the same purchase & download,

Let us know what you think.
Additional works in progress are available for download to members who have subscribed to WhiP access.

4 thoughts on “BETA Release of Player Booklet for Heroes & Henchmen”

  • For stats, mixed feelings. System makes humans very unfavorable. Maybe just racial mins. Any roll below for certain races gets adjusted up to min, just like they get lowered for racial max. Although, I’m really intrigued by the 4d6 option. What does the, get used for stats of parent and sibling, mean? I like an idea of a pool of points from the extra d6’s to use on social class, for starting money, etc. Any roll for initial creation during establishing social and parental lineage.

    • Thank You Garoux for replying! 🙂

      The intent of the stat system was to try balancing demi-humans & humans if not make humans slightly superior (statistically) in regards to stats. This happens if human characters utilize the Gene Pool Method and select the best 3d6 out of 4d6 rolled. The roll 3d6 before choosing race (and must qualify for AT LEAST the racial minimums) would be for hard-core GMs that wish to limit demi-humans even further or to inflict a greater burden on players that choose to be wishy-washy in regards to choosing a race. What choosing a race before hand can do is increase the likelihood of creating a character that works for a particular class.

      In regards to the Gene Pool Method, that is the reason to roll the 4d6 in sets of 2d6 (or two different colored sets of 2d6) recording all 4 dice. This allows the player to merely roll either 1 more die for each parent to enable generation of siblings (for proteges or such) or better 2d6 for each parent and slowly develop a clan. This is a trap in many ways because most players will chose to drop the lowest die for each roll and thus relations will tend to have a chance of having a slightly greater poorer stats. This was intended as most players will tend to only go Gene Pool for characters with REALLY good stats for the prime and that have higher social class or really good inheritances. An interesting play would be intentionally “nerfing” the original character and hoping for better in subsequent siblings or cousins as it is the player chooses which of the dice to keep. In other words, the dropped die is not “lost” but rather can come back into play in generation of future characters unless the line is ended.

      This is still a BETA release so if something isn’t clear we can endeavor to figure out some way to rewrite it and make it clear. If need be we could drop the 3d6 as a standard option and use 4d6 for humans and force picking race before rolling, then making vague referring to a 3d6 “hardcore” options some GMs may chose for particular home games.


      • Not a fan of gene pool method. I/my group don’t tend to build our families. Under this system I feel I’d never choose a human. I’d stick with dwarf or halfling. Funny thing is I never played a human till Hm4e, almost always dwarf or halfling during my and days. I ran this by a member in my group today and we both liked leaving all races the same in regards to rolling at 4d6 with the extra die going to a pool of modifiers for family lineage, social class and inheritance. We love the idea of a PC getting a chance at rare, different, magical equipment, which was mentioned in an earlier post on Facebook. Regardless of social class. Again this pool of points with the dropped d6 could be interesting. I see myself with a 4d6 roll like this. 6-4-3-2, for a 13 and drop the 2. Yes I could have a 13 in said stat….or I could choose 6-3-2 for an 11 and keep the 4 to go into the modifier pool. I love tweaking and making unique characters and the more options at creation the better.

        • Awesome idea Garaux!

          We will have to write this up for a HJfor4e article. I could see that working and with the extra 6-7 dice allowing the player to push different dice and numbers of dice into various categories from social class , training, inheritances (potentially even a superior or magical weapon), and so forth. I think it aligns/meshes with another concept I had already been working on and I will send you a copy of the appropriate (Whip) booklets(s) I have laying around 🙂

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