Hello all, and welcome to the skills page for HM4e!
We left this page open to all members during the debugging phase (August 2022 - October 2022) after which we switched such that paying members have greater access. Although official debugging time has ended please contact us about any issues or errors. We use a variety of colors to indicate source of text: new/edited text is in green; revisited Heroes & Henchmen RPG versions of the skills in purple; that from the HM4e Errata should be in blue; GM only text in red (GM members only); and standard text is hopefully readable in default white or black.

The following descriptions are arranged alphabetically by name, The bold heading for each description gives the name of the Skill, What type, and the Building Point (BP) cost on the title line, followed by a series of lines giving the Base stat used, Mastery die, Course cost (in coins so GMs can determine if they want to use Gold-, Silver-, or Copper-based economies), the Course Difficulty modifier, and any Prerequisites required. This is followed by descriptive text with that in black being what seems to be new from HM4e and red italics that from prior sources.


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