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This base page is intended as a springboard to the "Products" and "Your Purchases" pages. Because of that it will contain comments and act as a FAQ for various products as well as let people know what is available, where, and what is coming.

Current published issues of HackJournal for 4e (HJfor4e*) can be found in Products.
Members may have access to a more recent issue prior to it being released for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

As time goes on people will ask questions and we will try to answer them here.

Q: How do purchases work?
A: When Members (even free or those with "expired" membership) purchase a product on the "Products" page, a code is tagged to their account. This code activates access to a download link on the "Your Purchases" page.

Q: Why can't I see the Products & Purchases pages?
A: As access is keyed to specific users (Members) at least a free (aka "Observer") level membership must be purchased before the pages become visible. All Members (even free or those with "expired" membership) can purchase products. Thus membership acts much like an "account" used by other online vendors.

Q: How can I become a Member?
A: You can become a free "Observer" Member able to purchase products by going to the "Membership" entry on the menu bar and clicking on "Membership Options", then clicking the "Sign Up" button. This will take you to registration. If you want to become a Player or GM Member there are additional options on that page as well, some of which will not become available until after you have signed an NDA.

Q: How do I sign up for Whip Downloads?
A: On the "Membership Options" page there should (eventually) be a big obvious button that says "Sign NDA". This takes you to our Non-Disclosure Agreement form, which must be signed before you can go on to the monthly & yearly membership options that include access to Whip Downloads. We require thus step as the Whip Downloads are confidential/proprietary works in progress and not to be shared with anyone and most discussion & feedback should be contained to the designated forums.

*- HJfor4e, HAH, & ADHOC are derivative works based on HackMaster 4th Edition (HM4e).
HackMaster, HackMaster 4e, HM4e, and HackJournal, are trademarks of Kenzer and Company and the underlying material is copyright © 2000-2020 Kenzer and Company. HM4e materials in these works are used under express permission and license of Kenzer and Company. Kenzer and Company has a license and rights to use & republish any material submitted for those products (except for Filk or as noted) under agreement with and license from D.M.Zwerg and Amalgamated Research Gaming Hub.
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