Membership Options

There are a number of different features and options available depending on the membership options you select. Scroll down below the membership options tables to review the details of the different options as well as current features that come with different packages.

Featured Subscription Options

The Whip Bin subscription option adds about $5/month to the base ARGH-PA & ARGH-GM membership costs and is only available once an NDA has been submitted. It does allow for monthly & yearly subscriptions (with automatic renewal). The subscription fee is for access to Heroes & Henchmen RPG and/or ADHOC booklets in progress (and potentially other PDFs) considered confidential proprietary information, thus the reason for the NDA. This allows subscribers to see advance copies of booklets slated for publication and the opportunity to provide feedback. A new WIP booklet will be added every month (slated for the 1st week) and booklets will be removed after 3 months if no major changes/updates are made due to member feedback, thus generally 3+ booklets rolling forward. We figure we have upwards of 2-3 years of WIP booklets for the Whip Bin.

These options are separate from the ones below as it was the way I could figure out how to both activate that subscription downloads as well as force signing an NDA  (form emails copy to ARGHive at gmail account)

To gain access to special subscription to Whip Bin / PDF Downloads sign an NDA and choose a monthly or yearly plan with PDF Downloads

Basic Subscription Options

Observer (NPC)ARGH - Player AssociateARGH - Gamemaster
$0$15 / yr$20 / yr
Basic Forum Access+ Member Forum Access+ GM Forum Access
On-line Character Storage (in works)On-line Character Storage (in works)
Equipment & Spell Wiki / DatabasesEquipment & Spell Wiki / Database
Monster & Magic Item Wiki / Database
Player ToolsPlayer Tools
Gamemaster Tools

Membership Levels & Features

Different membership levels & subscription features have different associated prices.

Observer (NPC)

Price:  Free.
This level is effectively just a registered user, much like on other shopping sites. Paid members who's subscriptions lapse will "downgrade" to this level.

  • Able to purchase products from The Store and access links to download PDFs purchased from The Store
  • Basic Member access to Forums (once added)
  • Access to some additional blogs


ARGH-Player Associate

Pricing:  base price $15/year ($6/month or $70/year w. Whip Bin subscription)

  • Player Associate Member Forum & Blog Access (working on adding forums; currently allows access to some additional blog(s) Observers can not access)
  • Currently active issue of HJfor4e (starting with #2), but only access to the current issue and not permanent download access (that requires purchase from The Shop)
  • On-line Character Storage (aka, Character Vault .. hopefully by mid-2020)
  • Player Tools including:
    • Equipment Wiki/Database(s) (planned for early 2020)
    • Spell Wiki/Database (planned for early 2020 after monster database working)
    • Spell submission forms


ARGH-Game Master

Pricing:  base price $20/year ($7/month or $80/year w. Whip Bin subscription).

  • GM Forum & Blog Access (see above, but occassional blogs may be ARGH-GM only)
  • Larger On-line Character Storage (aka, Character Vault .. hopefully by mid-2020)
  • Gamemaster Tools including:
    • All the Player Tools
    • Monster Wiki/Database(s)
    • Monster Submission Forms
    • Magic Item Wiki/Database (planned for mid-late 2020 after spell & equipment databases working)


Whip Bin

(subscription add-on)

Pricing:  based on membership level & billing, but adds roughly $5/month to monthly billing

Note: these booklets are via this subscription only and are not permanent access, so if you miss one you missed it, petition for it to be queued up again.

WIP stands for "Work in Progress", but we are actively asking for feedback as well, and active feedback can lead to more booklets up longer as we respond and update the booklets. Thus "Whip" (so members can crack it upon Dwarf and keep him writing) rather than just "WIP". Plan is starting in March to try to keep at least 3 confidential proprietary WIP booklets up, adding one more each month, and allowing older booklets that are not generating new feedback to rotate out. When sufficient feedback is generated to warrant an update a "new" version will be uploaded, restarting the clock for that booklet, but that will not stop new booklets from being added each month. The yearly price for GMs accounts in part for the "occasional" ARGH-GM specific booklets (or chapter) being added in addition to the normal monthly offering.

If people want permanent access to copies without "confidential proprietary" watermark they will still need to purchase them from The Shop after the official release as Whip Bin is a limited subscription access only.

Cancelling Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. This will degrade your account down to level 0 "Observer" level. cancellation is supposedly programmed to occur within 24 hours after using this button so please raid all player & GM downloads you may be subscribed to if you have WhIP level access BEFORE cancelling as you will lose access to those downloads.

To cancel your subscription please use the button below
(note: as of this writing this has not yet been tested. I will edit out this comment if the test is reported to be successful)