Contact Us

We can be contacted by email via gmail at ARGHive.
Or you can talk to our phone monkey "Mot Agrad" by calling this number (reversing it to confuse webcrawlers):

last four 9158
first three 930
area code (262)

Or you can full out a boring old form that gets emailed to use ..

Hello, and thank you for using the Feedback 3000 form! Our partners are sitting around, possibly sleeping at a computer terminal face-down on the keyboard. When we wake up and realize to check on messages we will look into the situation and try to fix it (if it needs fixing), or add your comment to the FAQ .. the location of which ma well be a FAQ itself). We will not get back to you unless you leave an email message, and even then likely only if a member or if it sounds legitimate as spammers are a problem in this day and age. If none of the above seem adequate, you can click the most appropriate, or even "Other", add a "Reason (non-standard)", and in either case add specifics below in the "Comments or Message". Thank you!