About Us

Amalgamated Research Gaming Hub (ARGH) is a partnership of three gaming buddies. They used to play and run “a certain game” (ok, HM4e .. HackMaster, HM4e is copyright Kenzer & Co, 2019). The buddies goal is to create games & game materials including derivative works of HM4e. This endeavor started circa mid-2001 with discussions about doing a fanzine for HM4e. The project went on hiatus for over a decade when one of them (D. M. Zwerg) was hired by Kenzer & Co as miniatures, and later organized play, manager. Now we are gearing up to start publishing a magazine, as well as other gaming material written by us and others.

D.M. Zwerg is a mountain dwarf. Or at least, he looks as close as normal-sized human comes to looking like one. Looks aside, Zwerg is the motive energy behind all our projects. He does 90% of the writing. Quite simply, none of this would be possible without D.M. Zwerg. So if you should run across him, and you like our products, be sure to thank him.

Mykal Antczak was the most “well-rounded” of the three in regards to gaming. DMZ points out that he, rather than Mykal, is “more round” physically, but concedes the point otherwise. A former Renn Faire knight known for being snarky, he inflicted “ARGH” on his fellows and forced them to hammer out the name it was an acronym of. Mykal rotates between miniatures, board games, computer gaming, tabletop RPGs, and even LARPs, and has “nefarious plans” to help diversify the product line(s). He lost one joust too many, and was unhorsed by COVID-19 in March and died in April of 2020.

“Mercutio” (real name withheld) started playing serious board games and MUDs (early online gaming) well before the others. He used to do pike drills/reenactment as well as a variety of martial arts, then went on to volunteering at science fiction conventions & filking. A superlative researcher, he is a font of “useless” knowledge even to DMZ (who is notorious as such).